List of Airtel DTH Karnataka packs

Finding the right DTH pack for your TV recharge can be a confusing decision, specially, if you want regional channels to be part of your DTH pack. Usually, your local representative guides you about the existing packs and DTH recharge offers. But, if you want to check out the unique packs yourself, you need to go online, and do a lot of research!

We are here to save your time. Our today’s article is for all the Kannada speaking people out there who wish to get a Karnataka specific Airtel DTH pack. Below, we enlist all the Karnataka specific DTH plans for your reference.

So, let’s get to it!

Airtel DTH Karnataka packs – Updated complete list

The following list is latest and 100% accurate. You can go through the packs and ask your local Airtel DTH executive to recharge your TV with the same.

New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New: Rs 280/30 days

The New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New has 72 Standard Definition Channels included. The channels are:

  • DD (National, India, Kisan, Sports, Shillong, UP, News, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Panini, Kishore Manch, Sahyadari, Punjabi, Girnar, Oriya, Urdu, Kashir, North-East, Imphal, Bihar, Bangla, Podhigai, Malayalam, Yadagiri, Saptagiri, Chandana), Sansad TV & Sansad TV HD, Gyan Darshan
  • Zee News, Salaam, Action, Hindustan, Zest, Keralam, Kannada
  • News 18 Kannada, Aaj Tak, NDTV India, Times Now, CNN News 18, ET Now, CNBC TV 18, Mirror Now
  • Udaya TV, Movies, Music, Comedy, Colors Kannada, Star Suvarna, Star Suvarna Plus, Colors Super, Colors Tamil, Colors Kannada Cinema
  • History TV 18, Nat Geo Wild
  • Nick, Nick Junior, Chintu TV

These are a few channels available with the pack. You can get the complete list by asking your local executive.

Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New: Rs 619/30 days

You will get 144 channels, both SD and HD with this pack.

The channels included are:

  • All DD channels from the New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New are included.
  • Kids channels: CN, Nick, Hungama, Pogo, Disney Channel, Super Hungama, Sonic, Discovery Kids, Chintu TV, Nick HD+, Cbeebies, Sony YAY
  • Kannada channels: Udaya Movies, Udaya Music, Udaya Comedy, Star Suvarna, Star Suvarna HD, Udaya HD, Zee Kannada HD, Colors Kannada Cinema, Star Sports 1 Kannada
  • Sports: Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 2 HD, Star Sports Select 1, Star Sports Select 2, Sony Sports Ten 2 HD, Star Sports First, 1Sports

And many other channels.

Other Karnataka packs are listed below:

Airtel DTH Karnataka PacksNumber of ChannelsPricing
Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack_New84292/30 days
New Karnataka HD Pack_New67314/30 days
Karnataka Value Plus SD Pack_New111354/30 days
Karnataka Value Lite HD Pack_New85381/30 days
Karnataka Value Sports SD Pack_New115397/30 days
Karnataka Value Plus HD Pack_New94433/30 days
Karnataka My Family SD Pack_New120450/30 days
Karnataka Mega SD Pack_New138478/30 days
Karnataka plus 3M pack_K72778/90 days
Karnataka Value Lite 3M pack_K84809/90 days
Karnataka HD 3M pack_K67859/90 days
Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New144619/30 days
Karnataka Value Lite HD 3M pack_K851043/90 days
Karnataka Value Sports 3M pack_K1151084/90 days
Karnataka plus 6M pack_K721141/80 days
Karnataka Value Lite 6M pack_K841606/180 days
Karnataka Value Plus HD 3M pack_K941187/90 days
Karnataka My Family 3M pack_K1201244/90 days
Karnataka HD 6M pack_K671713/180 days
Karnataka Mega 3M pack_K1361324/90 days  
Karnataka My Family 3M HD pack_K1181523/90 days
Karnataka Value Lite HD 6M pack_K852073/180 days
Karnataka Mega 3M HD pack_K1421723/90 days
Karnataka Value Sports 6M pack_K1152159/180 days
Karnataka plus 12M pack_K722282/360 days
Karnataka Value Plus HD 6M pack_K942356/180 days
Karnataka Value Lite 12M pack_K843217/360 days
Karnataka My Family 6M pack_K1202479/180 days
Karnataka HD 12M pack_K673411/360 days
Karnataka Mega 6M pack_K1362632/180 days
Karnataka My Family 6M HD pack_K1183021/180 days
Karnataka Value Lite HD 12M pack_K854146/360 days
Karnataka Mega 6M HD pack_K1423424/180 days
Karnataka Value Sports 12M pack_K1154317/36 days
Karnataka Value Plus HD 12M pack_K944717/360 days
Karnataka My Family 12 M pack New_K1204956/30 DAYS
Karnataka Mega 12M pack_K1365263/360 days
Karnataka My Family 12M HD pack New_K1196041/360 days
Karnataka Mega 12M HD pack New_K1436847/360 days

These are the Karnataka specific packs you can ask your Airtel DTH representative about. If you don’t have one and want to go for the right pack with your DTH new connection, contact Airtel customer care for more details.